Strømsgodset round Vålerenga played in the first half, and took the lead after a goal by Abdisalam Ibrahim Cadaay. Vålerenga attached grip in the second half, and 13 minutes before finally sat Ancestors of the settlement for Vålerenga.


The opening of the game was marked by numerous violations both ways, and some free kicks whistle. Strømsgodset began slowly but surely to get their game to work, while virtually all battles were won.

Just before it was played 15 minutes at Ullevaal Stadion, rolling loads up an attack on the right. Storflor played ball Vilsvik, but the shot was blocked. During minutes later Nuhu hit the ball into the box from the right side. Kovács loomed highest inside the box and headed the ball towards goal, but Hirschfeld got off to a corner. Johansen struck the ensuing corner kick into the box and Abdisalam Ibrahim Cadaay sent the ball into the goal for 1-0.

Halfway through the first round Vilsvik sent the ball into the box towards the back post. Keita rushed in behind the defense to Vålerenga, but unfortunately he does not really hit its final moment. A few minutes later Strømsgodset a tremendous opportunity to create a great shot, but it was used for a long time, and Vålerenga player got stopped incisive.

at 29 Keita minutes played ball Storflor, but the conclusion from the corner of femmeteren was stopped by foot to Hirschfeld. Strømsgodset continued to push Vålerenga. Ten minutes before the break beat Vilsvik a brilliant pass to Kovács who was left completely free in front of goal. Kovács turned up and shot, but the ball skidded off the foot and walked to the side of the goal.

After a blistering first half from our boys, it was a completely different Vålerengalag who entered the pitch after the break, but it was Strømsgodset who came to the first big target jansen. Storflor got the ball inside the box, and with a nice pull into the path he gained a little extra room, but the ending was just wide.

Enga took more and more of the ground game. They gave a little extra in every duel, and now it was Strømsgodset players who were pressured to make simple mistakes. Ten minutes into the second half was a corner from Zajic flicked on into the field, but none of the home team's players reached the ball. The estate stayed away for much of the half, but in the 77 minute, the equalizer. Zajic played open Ancestors, who put the ball into the net with a simple finish to the inside of the foot.

Ten minutes before the end Strømsgodset got some great opportunities to bring all the points. First settled Nuhu ball into the box, but Abdisalam Ibrahim Cadaay was unable to push header on target. Two minutes later struck Johansen a rude tunnel at Zajic and closed hard on goal. The ball went through a defender and dipped into the crossbar behind Hirschfeld and out for a corner.

Just before full time was the home team got a great scoring opportunity. Simon Larsen played the ball into the box, and at the back post was Berre head the unmarked on goal, but his attempt went over.

An entertaining and intense football match thus ended with points sharing. Strømsgodset tops thus table before the remaining games to be played. Next comes the gold league rival Molde to visit Marienlyst Stadium. The match is played next Sunday at 19:00.Marienlyst Stadium. The match is played next Sunday at 19:00.

Mohamed Ali Mamow

Buurhakaba Media, Oslo Norway